Excelsior, Monumental & Dead Super Heroes 

What's happening?!

No, seriously. What's really happening? I have no idea any more.

But I do have an idea about what's happening with me. And that's all that really matters really, isn't it? Obviously.


So I wanted to update you guys and girls on my world right now. As you know, I'm currently working on an album as one half of Excelsior (if you haven't checked us out already, you can redeem yourself by clicking here). As well as working on that album, I'm also working on a LOT of solo material (but then again, when am I not?).

In the past, I've written and recorded songs and let them just sit around gathering dust. So now I want to really work on promoting myself and bringing you lot the best material I have right now. I'm excited about every song I'm working on, whether it's solo stuff or Excelsior stuff. Which brings me to the next topic.... 

Monumental Records

Monumental Records is an independent music distribution company that I've set up in order to release my music and other artist's music digitally (and physically in the form of CDs, merchandise, touring etc). I have big plans for the label. Slowly but surely, I'm gathering team members for the growth of the label and everybody I plan to work with will all have the same vision for the music, the music industry and the overall success of the company.

I'll stop boring you with that jargon though and say that the Excelsior album will be released under Monumental Records as well as my brand new EP. 

That also brings me to Dead Super Heroes.

Dead Super Heroes is an entertainment company which will handle all of the music videos to come out of Monumental Records. It will also be set up to produce music videos for unsigned artists whether they be singers or rappers. Dead Super Heroes want to create high quality music videos at a price affordable to the average musician. We're launching the Monumental Records/Dead Super Heroes movement very soon with high hopes of having a video out before the end of the year. Of course that will be for the artists signed to Monumental but we're looking for artists to shoot as soon as possible too.

Now that I'm pretty much done with plugging everything that I've got going on right now.. urm.. how have you been?

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